Pre-enrolment application for Master's Degree programmes with a quota of places

A.Y. 2017-2018 Application for admission in Master's Degree programmes with a quota of places

Dear student, please fill out this form to submit your pre-enrolment application.

The present procedure allows the candidate to apply for admission at the desired program. This application does not replace enrolment procedure, which shall take place according to deadlines set by the University. In case of admission, further instructions for the enrolment will be provided.

Instructions for filling out this application form

In order to enroll in a second-cycle degree (i.e. master’s degree) programme without a quota of places, you shall possess a first-cycle degree (i.e. bachelor’s degree) gained after at least 3 years of university education, you shall also meet some specific admission requirements and possess an adequate personal knowledge.

Being aware of the admission requirements of the programme/s you want to apply for is essential for the adequate filling out of this application form, therefore we invite you to carefully read the information available on the website of the programme before you start filling it out.

Your personal knowledge will be verified through an admission exam. In order to know procedure and deadlines for exam registration, available places and enrolment procedure, please read carefully the Call for admission which can be found on the University Bulletin Board and within the courses with quota of places on the University portal.

NOTICE: It is essential that you carefully read the Call for admission, especially for information relating to deadlines for registration, date and place of the admission exam.

While filling out the form, you will be asked to upload a PDF scan (max 10.000 Kb) of the following documents. Those marked with a * are mandatory.

  • Passport*
  • Italian residence permit (only for non-EU citizen already residing in Italy)
  • Academic title (if already completed)
  • Academic transcript*
  • Diploma Supplement (if available)
  • Detailed outline of University courses (describing their contents/aims/bibliography)
  • Curriculum Vitae*
  • Statement of purpose (max 1 page)*
  • Language proficiency certificates

These documents shall be official (provided with the stamp of the institution and the signature of the person in charge), and written or translated in one of the following languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish. If the document is issued in a different language from those listed above, you will have to upload both the original document and its certified translation.

Please note that additional documents will be required for actual enrolment as listed at:

Academic programmes offered for a.y. 2017/2018 shall be approved and become official in the next few months, therefore your choice is subject to the actual offering of the programme. In the event of the programme not being available, you will promptly be notified via email to the address you fill in the present application form.

Notice: applicants who are not citizens of an EU member state (or equivalent: i.e. Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland or of the Republic of San Marino) nor hold an Italian residence permit, shall apply for pre-enrolment at the Italian Embassy/ Consulate in charge for the country they are residing in within the deadlines set by Italian Ministerial "Procedures for the access of foreign students applying for a study-visa for higher education”. These applicants may enrol in the University within the specific quota of places (contingente) as set by each degree programme.

Further information available at: